Art education workshop – what is it good at and what is it good for?

25 MAY

Workshop leader:
Emelie Storm (Röda Sten Konsthall)

Duration: 2 hours

Non-governmental cultural centres are vital drivers of democratic development, active citizenship and participation in the arts. At many of the Trans Europe Halles centres, art educators are key conveyors of these processes, especially, but not exclusively, when it comes to the engagement of children and young people. By showcasing inspiring examples of working with audiences, methods and practices used by Trans Europe Halles members, the workshop looks at what art education is and could be in independent cultural organisations.

The programme will include an introduction to the platform for Art Educators, by Emelie Storm, coordinator of this segment that is part of the Factories of Imagination project. The presentation will be followed by a creative workshop and conversation on one of the core questions of the project: What is art education good at and what is it good for?

Who is it for? The workshops is addressed to members who are: 1) working with art education and want to join the platform, get in contact with other art educational professionals and contribute to the project for the upcoming years and 2) for members who are interested in art education, want to learn more about methods and practices and want to join in a conversation about what art education can be.

What are the aims? The workshop aims to reach out to more members and share information about the Art Education platform within the Factories of Imagination project. Through conversation and best practice sharing, the workshop will also contribute to the development of the art education platform. Dialogue about the value of art education and the means to evaluate it, will help shape the next steps of this European collaboration.