Creadis 3: from creation spaces to networks

26 MAY

Workshop Facilitators:
Marina Aparicio Álvarez
Sabin Goitia Goienetxea
Helga Massetani (Bitamine Faktoria)
María Salazar (Histeria kolektiboa)
Ziortza Etxabe (Wikitoki)
Idoia Zabaleta (AZALA)
Ruth Mayoral (ZAWP)

Duration: 2 hours 30′

Identify and debate about the current opportunities and obstacles for a less individualized and a more reticular management of the creation spaces, contrast it with local and international agents, to extract conclusions and proposals to develop in a near future.

“Creation Spaces in Basque Country” will be the study case, but as the problems are global, the results will be useful for all participants involved in management of creation spaces or networks.

The session will include a presentation of Creadis3 european project (conceptual definition of cultural and creative districts, current state in the Basque Country) and a roundtable with representatives from basque creation spaces.

This will be followed by different work groups:
1– Coworking and Entrepreneurship
2– Spaces assignment and residencies
3– Advanced Services: advice and coaching, training, internationalization
4– Internal Resources: technical, staff training,communication