Cuerpo, tiempo, memoria – Digital archive project

25 – 26 MAY

Priscilla Romero

During the Teh85 Conference “Mientras Tanto. Space – Time Intruders”, a mural print artwork will be made in collaboration with those participants who voluntarily want to cast their fingerprints with liquid natural latex. As a result, we will have a matrix (latex finger mold) that will be printed on gampi paper (fine art Japanese paper)

The last day of the conference, each one of the participants who had their finger cast will personally place their imprint on the mural wall after they signed the Mientras Tanto Manifesto. By the end of the activity, everyone who participated can take back with them their stamp.

The main goal of this project is to register the sense of the actual process of making a collaborated artwork.

The final image and the process will be guided by the artist, but since the fingerprints are one of a kind. It will be a surprise.

For those who have latex allergies we will supply an optional process to cast their fingers.