Disrupting business models through blockchain technology

23 MAY

Workshop Leader: Antonio Tenorio-Fornés
Duration: 4 hours

Everybody seems to be talking about blockchain nowadays. This new technology promises the decentralisation and disintermediation of many sectors and industries. Have you ever thought how blockchain could be integrated into your organisation’s business model?

Blockchain was first introduced with bitcoin, the first decentralised currency. But its potential is not only applicable in the financial sector. In fact, blockchain will drive many innovations enabling the redistribution of value and the democratisation of communities in the coming years.

This participatory workshop will introduce participants to potential business models for non-profit and self-managed cultural centres. During 4 hours, participants will get inspired by real examples of how to use blockchain technology; identify who creates value for their organisations; imagine new business models for their organisations using blockchain; and bring back home a participatory methodology to design communities from the inside.


TEH Members: 30€
TEH Associates: 40€
Conference Participants & Others: 60€



Each workshop is limited to 20 participants.

The registration for these sessions is independent of the registration for TEH85

The workshops will be in english.

This training day is organised by Trans Europe Halles within the framework of the project Factories of Imagination, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.