Eginbook – professional tool for event production and management

25 MAY

Workshop Facilitator:
Ziortza Etxabe
Manuel Gómez-Álvarez

Duration: 1 hour 30′

EginBook, “the book of making” (‘Egin’ in Basque means ‘to make’), is a tool for production, communication and transmission of creativity in the cultural sector. It reflects the spirit of life itself, in which we are occupied more than 75% making and producing.

With 15 years of experience and development in the creative and cultural industry as an analog system and methodology, it is currently in the development phase of its 4.0 version. EginBooK 4.0 is a platform in the cloud, that stores all the information of the user to facilitate the organization of tasks from any device. The producer user can obtain all the information he needs about companies, professionals, locations, services and contacts in order to work, contact with them. Through a simple registration and in just a few seconds you can access and start a project.