Go Deep

25 MAY

Workshop Leader: 
Raul Rodriguez Gregorio

Duration: 2 hours 15′

Go Deep is an award winning, process-based game that brings together groups of people to work in community. Exploring themes that are present on a deeper level, affect our daily interaction. Go Deep combines and deepens 2 existing methodologies: The Oasis Game and Processwork. Since 2015, with support from the European Union, GENE, the European Commission and a wide community of supporters, the game has been applied in various communities across Europe.

Exciting, useful and fun ways to help youth workers and people to learn together and to develop the skills they need to engage and transform communities. The game allows participants to explore what’s needed in the given context.

“Go deep together in diversity” project will use this methodology to create a campaign to promote the positive value of diversity trough the key message of “Go Deep and Go Beyond”.