Governance in transition contexts

25 MAY

Workshop leader:
Gabriella Riccio (L’Asilo)
Danijela Poropat (Rojc)
Ksenija Djurovic (Magacin)

Duration: 2 hours

This session will focus on Governance and Good Governance, and highlight diverse management models aimed to support and stimulate the autonomy and sovereignty of the community.

The growth of market power puts into question the paradigm of governance, govern and governability. The market holds the power over the Administrations and the community. Which is our role when the strategy of Culture and Creative Industries turn culture into a product?

Administrations welcome cultural initiatives in bottom-up processes. However, there are lots of common goods with private uses yet. In addition, economical crisis give to artists and activists a better context for resistance (and a worse context for all the rest) but these stop being interesting in economic rise.

How do we combine civil society and Administration? How can reactive and adaptive projects face bureaucratic processes? These are some of the questions we will face in this session.