Improve your business model through benchmarking. A focus group with managers of cultural centres.

26 MAY

Workshop Leader: José Rodríguez (TEH)
Duration: 1 hour 30′ 

By sharing our cultural organisations’ data, we can learnfrom each other and improve our performance. The Creative Lenses Benchmarking System ( is a free digital platform allowing cultural organizations to

compare and assess their business models. The platform is currently being developed by Trans Europe Halles, Creative Industry Kosice and IETM.

Project leader Jose Rodriguez will present an early prototype of the platform and facilitate a focus group aimed to gather information that will help the
development team to improve the system. Should you participate in this session, you will get early access to the platform and contribute with your feedback to its future development.

This focus group is designed for managers working in cultural centres. Other participants are welcome if seats remain available.