KULTURSISTEMA – Matrix for interpreting, diagnosis and mapping cultural and creative ecosystems and a self diagnosis tool for cultural and creative agents.

25 MAY

Workshop Facilitator:
Iranzu Guijarro Plaza, KARRASKAN

Duration: 2 hours

KULTURSISTEMA proposes a categorization matrix (or set of matrices) for the interpretation, diagnosis and mapping of the cultural and creative ecosystems of a territory. It reflects their diversity in terms of sectors and sub-sectors, stages of the value chain, typology of actors involved, as well as key impacts and returns.

The value of KULTURSISTEMA is based on facilitating a transversal view, a crossing of levels that allows a complex approach to the reality of the sector. Because an ever-increasing part of the power and value of the cultural and creative ecosystem lies in its great combinatorial possibilities.  

A tool that allows sophisticated understanding and intervention on the ecosystem, making the implicit emerge and giving visibility to the invisible (beyond the usual, pre-eminent, recognized, more visible tractors, etc.)