Tour to Lacalde

24 MAY

Aimar & Cía

Duration: 1 hour 30′

After The Opening Conference all participants will have the chance to know Lacalde, the industrial building where ZAWP is planing to move its activity, and that will host the TEH85 work sessions.

The space will welcome participants with the exhibition of an extract of Etxea/casa/home, a circus-theatre show from Aimar & Cía.

Etxea/Casa/Home is a circus – theatre show that talks about the need to find our own place. It’s the struggle of a man with himself, or with his environment, or with his circumstances, to be happy. Do I have to move to be happier? What do I need to feel at home?

After getting to Lacalde participants will be able to walk around the neighborhood and get to know some of its spaces guided by a map specially created for the Conference.