Miren de Miguel

Degree in Journalism and Lyrical Singing, she develops her role as a soprano and author in projects with a marked gender perspective.

After a long period in Italy dedicated to the lyric and completing her studies on contemporary theater, she decided to return to Bilbao to create shows and performances where her facet as an author allows her to show her personal concerns linked to feminism. This is evident in shows like “TUTTE CONTRO VERDI” or “QUEDATEMISTETAS y devuélveme mi dignidad”

Cabaret is a field in which she likes to investigate given her capacity for improvisation and her taste for closeness to the public; “SO IN LOVE” AND “COMING BACK AS A MAN” are some of her productions.
On the other hand her musical ambition leads her to create shows where electronic music, video mapping and projections are mixed with the lyric giving rise to new music where the fusion of genres is patent, ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO is a show of that, developed in collaboration with Mauri Martín Marín.