Muralism for social transformation

25 and 26 May
12.30 – 14.00
Exterior of Lacalde

ARTgia team

In this workshop Irantzu Lekue and the ARTgia team will be exposing the concept of Muralism understood as a tool for social transformation. The main aim of this intervention is to answer the following question: Is the art a vehicle to change the world around us?

For that, throughout the TEH Conference 85 “Mientras Tanto. Space-time Intruders” the creative process of a mural painting will be visible in the incomparable space of Zorrozaurre, an area that aims to recuperate a currently derelict site to convert it into a new quarter. Therefore this work can be one of many cultural expressions in this place.

ARTgia team will share their point of view and ask for collaborative and active taking part in wall painting to everyone who is interested in contributing to change society through art.