My 1st Century – ways to remap, de-center, and reorient the art history’s canonic framework

26 MAY

Workshop Facilitators:
Ayşegül Sönmez
Zeynep Okyay

Duration: 2 hours 30′

My 1st Century is based upon the idea of temporality as a contemporary condition to create multilayered anti-canonic space and time for artists, thinkers, writers as a collaborator to their own times; their 1st century. It is a project about investigation of a possible art history.

Sanatatak gets close-up views on the art history’s norms and geographical choices. Most of the time linear narrative of history is shaped with arbitrary criterions. Who made the norms and criterias? With this project Sanakatak questions the unquestionable norms of the art history.

Session leaders will ask the participants to say what and who is in their 20th Century art of history. They will speak about the images and sounds that belong to their own subjective 20th century. The workshop will resemble a performance by the participants.

The session is aimed to local cultural agents, artists, architects etc.