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Bilbao has been recognised as “Best European City 2018″ by the jury of “The Academy of Urbanism” after being evaluated not only according to urbanistic issues but also regarding environmental, social, innovation, governance, and identity terms.

Bilbao has always been an industrial city, dedicated mainly to the metal and maritime industry. Towards the end of the 20th century, as a result of the industrial restructuring, Bilbao had to make a radical change to its economy. After years of economic uncertainty, the city recovered its dynamic nature and became a service city, committed to environmental and urban regeneration.

The great symbol of this New Bilbao is the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, designed by Frank Gehry, but many other factors have contributed to this regeneration and profound change. Over 25 years Bilbao has gradually been shedding its industrial skin and rehabilitating emblematic areas of the city; one of the lasts is Zorrotzaurre and Ribera de Deusto area, where ZAWP was born.

How to get to Bilbao

From Bilbao International Airport to the city centre

 BIZKAIBUS: Bizkaibus A3247 / 1,45€ one way (the cheapest version). You will have to purchase your ticket at a little stand near the bus stop. Departure is from the right corner of the airport.
Average travel time: 20 Minutes


TAXI: Around 24 €

From Santander International Airport to Bilbao

BUS: Santander airport – Bilbao: ALSA / 6,50 – 13,50€
Average travel time: 1 hour and 20 minutes



Recommended Hostels and Hotels
We highly recommend booking your hotels soon, since Bilbao is a popular tourist destination during the spring.

Akelarre hostel

Akelarre is one of the cheapest options and really close to ZAWP ecosystem

Rooms for 6: 18€/night
Room for 4: 19€ /night
Double room (2 beds): 42€/night

Reservation via mail or telephone in reference to the rooms blocked by ZAWP


Pil pil hostel

Pil pil is one of the cheapest options

Rooms for 4: 20€/night
Rooms for 6: 22 €/night
Double room: 55€/night
Triple: 75€/night
Breakfast: 2€

Reservation via mail or telephone, 15% discount using the code ZAWP PILPIL


Ria Hotel

Very close to ZAWP

Single or double rooms: 56€/night
Breakfast included


7 Kale B&B

Twin bedrooms: 115€/night
Double: 115€/night
Triple: 145€/night
Single: 90€/night

Reservation via mail or telephone using code: ZAWP


Bilbao Jardines Hotel

Single: 70€/night
Breakfast included

Reservation via mail or telephone using the code/Reference: ZAWP


How to get to ZAWP

To deusto

METRO to Deusto metro station: Metro Bilbao City

BILBOBUS lines that arrive to Deusto: 10 – 11 – 13 – 71

to the peninsula of zorrozaurre

WALK: 18 minutes walk. The only way to enter to the Peninsula is through the Frank Gehry Bridge

BILBOBUS: A4 Bus line
It departs from the neighborhood of Deusto and arrives to the neighborhood of Ribera de Deusto – Zorrozaurre


To use the transport services of the City of Bilbao (Metro, Bilbobus, Bizkaibus and tramway) the best is to buy the Barik Card inside any Metro Station: 3,00€ the card + the minimum money quantity to fill 5,00€. It will be cheaper than buying single trips and up to 9 people can travel together.

TAXI Phone number (34) 94.4448888

The bike is one of the best options to get to Zorrozaurre.
If you want to rent a bike during TEH85 to visit the city in a sustainable way contact our collaborators. Don’t forget to say you come from ZAWP to get a special price!

The weather in Bilbao is a little bit capricious. You won’t regret getting a folding umbrella.