Signature of Mientras Tanto Manifesto

26 MAY

Ruth Mayoral
Priscilla Romero

Duration: 30′

During TEH85 we  will create the Mientras Tanto Manifesto.

This document will collect the basis of the projects working on transition and the essential values and principles that define their philosophy. The objective is to  sum up what these projects, “Space-time intruders”, advocate for and which are the key concepts that make of them an added value for communities and society.

The creation of the Manifesto will end with its official reading and signature during this session. All those participants interested in signing the Manifesto will be able to do so not only in the traditional way, but also from a more artistic and performance perspective with the collaboration of Priscilla Romero. During the previous days the artist will collect fingerprints of those participants who want to collaborate creating a matrix made of latex. During the process, and after signing the official Manifesto each signer will personally place its own imprint on a mural. By the end of the signature, participants will have created a unique artwork placing their prints in a collective mural.