To be or not to be: the meaning of being part of a cultural network

25 MAY
10:00 -13:00

Workshop Facilitators:
Francesco Campagnari
Marta Jonville

Duration: 3 hours

The membership criteria of TEH aims at defining a set of cases of cultural organizations in line with the purposes of the network. For organizations without one or more of these criteria, it’s possible to become Associate. But, is this absence a deficiency in the ability of these organizations in being effective in their cultural activities? If it is a choice, how can they get full rights in the network? And if it is a problematic situation, how can TEH help them solve the situation?

The workshop aims at exploring the topic constructively debating what the requirements mean for associates, members and other organizations interested in being part of the network.

Starting from a general discussion, the workshop will be structured in separate roundtables according to the different membership criteria, asking “What does it mean…?”

  1. …to be an independent and not-for-profit centre arising from a citizen’s initiative with a legal structure?
  2. …to have a multidisciplinary artistic policy encouraging interaction between art forms, with an emphasis on contemporary art?
  3. …to be based in user-friendly buildings preferably originating from a commercial or industrial heritage?
  4. …to run a high-quality artistic programme of at least regional significance with an awareness of contemporary culture, ranging from local to international art?
  5. …to be aware of the social and political aspects of cultural actions with an Equal Opportunities Policy or commitment?