Urdaibai marsh

27 MAY


Urdaibai is a natural area located at the mouth of the Oka River. It fills a total area of 220 square km and counts with an ecological wealth thanks to which it was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1984 with the official name of Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai.

Spring is a special time as loads of species travel from Africa to the North to reach their breeding areas. In this season Spoonbills, fishing eagles, waders and other birds of prey reach the lagoon. This route will teach you to distinguish birds; to understand how the tides work and to know better the history of this little corner of the Bay of Biscay; it will help you  learn on site of the charms of the natural reserve.

After the walk you will be able to visit the Ekoetxea’s, Basque Country Biodiversity Centre, exhibition area and access to its viewpoint which offers a wonderful view. By means of small telescopes and binoculars, details of Izaro Island, Laida beach and the marsh can be discovered.

The tour will last around 3 hours, so do not forget to bring comfortable clothes and shoes and sun protection.