Young Gold Artist

24-27 MAY

Young Gold Artist Collective:
Marta Clavero 
Javier Rebollar

The possibilities to access the art market is to some extent unthinkable. From the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country several students have agreed to face this dilemma by imposing their own rules, as “Young British Artist” did during the 90’s. One of the main reasons to create this exhibition and collective is an act of rebellion; “Sometimes the right path is the one you build by yourself”.

The main purpose of this exhibition is to give the possibility of exposing to students, both for those who have previously participated in other exhibitions and for those having their first experience.

The collective Young Gold Artist wants to create a new path with which they can create new ways of reaching people with art.

Marta Clavero and Javier Rebollar make up the newly created collective Young Gold Artist.