25 MAY
Duration: 1hour 30′

“La ciudad sí es para mí” – spanish for “The city is for me”- is a sample of short documentaries that wants to provoke a reflection in the viewer about different forms of occupation and use of urban spaces as well as about people’s life conditions in contemporary cities. The reason is no other than to emphasize the importance of urban planning within a society, taking into account our vision as a contextualized cultural project in the area in which we work that is immersed in a process of urban transformation.

In this VII Edition we put in value the urbanisms in transit in the management of the Mientras Tanto. This management, the backbone of ZAWP, is the chosen theme as a criterion for the documentaries selection.

With these four short films we want to reflect on different urban transition contexts. The first two projections deal with processes before the transformation while, in the other two, different future possibilities of the city are presented. We do not intend to offer any answer or conclusion, only that the spectators can find in these works urban paradigms from which to reflect.

1.- Bodenerherbungen. 19.49 min
Direction: Doro Carl and Claudia Reiche

2.- Turtles Are Always Home. 11.39 min
Direction: Rawane Nassif

3.- Nature. All rights reserved. 21.55 min
Direction: Sebas Mulder

4.- Tomada. 26.20 min
Direction: Mauricio Leiva Cock